Wondering When to Hire an Electrician for Maintenance?

Issues That You Must Entrust to an Electrical Company:

With simple precautionary & maintenance methods, you can be confident in the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system. Often, this includes making sure the appliances are working efficiently and your outlets are safe to use for everyday needs, including plugging in lamps and charging devices. One mistake can lead to an electrical fire, so make sure to familiarize the 4 signs that you should hire an electrical company.

Hot ceiling fixtures:

You should often check the areas around your ceiling fixtures for warmth, which could mean the lack of sufficient insulation. On top of that, exceeding recommended bulb wattages can lead to overheating. Both problems can cause potential fire hazards. You should think about switching to LED or CFL bulbs because these don’t produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs.

Loose or broken outlets:

If outlets or switches malfunction or stop working, then it can be a sign of loose wiring, and this can be another potential fire hazard. Loose outlets can also increase the risks of electrical shock. Even a partially exposed outlet can shock an unsuspecting individual who is unplugging or plugging in a cord.

Flickering lights:

Normally, flickering means a power surge, and these power surges don’t have to result from a major event. It can be that your appliances are consuming more electricity that it can’t handle. Power surges can take a toll on your electrical fixtures and appliances. If flickering lights are common, then it can be time to consider upgrading the wiring and electrical systems in your property.

Unusual odors:

New appliances will always have strange odors upon first being installed, and this can stem from the appliance’s finish, paint, and other minor factors. But if you notice foul odors coming from the outlets, unplug the appliances connected to it, and don’t think of using it again until your electrical company has inspected it. If your breaker panel or fuse box is producing foul odors, call your electrician immediately.

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